My basic trading philosophy can be summed up by one simple quote:

"Trade the ticker, not the company" - Nate Michaud

Stock Promoters

Pretty much all promoters suck right now, including the ones below. I'll keep my eyes peeled and update this page and various connected websites if that ever changes.

Updated 2/28/16

The following list is promoters that I believe can generate enough volume and liquidity to make their promotions playable. These are important to me because I usually look to buy early on day one of the promotion and then sell into the first spike. It is a safe/conservative strategy that has worked very well for me, but the volume MUST be there. Lack of liquidity = no play, which is why many promoters fail to make this list.

Finest Penny Stocks

Huge success so far from this group, the most recent two picks being AREN and EURI. The volume isn't quite as high as I'd like, but any future promotion from this group I'll be looking to buy early and flip conservatively on day 1. A few of the sites above may belong to the sister sites below, but haven't sent any recent emails so I can't say with 100% certainty.

Promos from these guys so far: GLRKF, MEDA, AMLH, AREN, EURI, CLOW

Equities That Soar

This group is absolutely connected to Finest Penny Stocks, but they run their own promotions which so far have been nice multiday runners, but on very light volume. The sites listed above are the ones that are currently active and doing their own promotions, we'll see if the two groups ever team up.

Promos from these guys so far: GDEE, AREN (repump 11/18/15), PGSY

Wall St Giants

New to the scene but first promo did decently before collapse, would like to see more volume/liquidity out of future picks though. Still monitoring this group not ready to try buying early quite yet. Main site only one that sends emails, the other two just post articles. Definitely some potential ties to stocktips, possible that they are restarting under a new name.

Promos from these guys so far: BPSR (12/15/15)

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