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"Trade the ticker, not the company" - Nate Michaud

Monday, November 3, 2014

A New Promoter With Possible Ties to "Awesome Penny Stocks"

Ever since I actively began trading stock promotions on the OTC market, I have made it my mission to know which promoters are worth following. In my early days of trading, there were plenty to choose from - Awesome Penny Stocks, Pennypic, Best Damn Penny Stocks, Stock Market Authority, and Bull Exchange leading the way. Unfortunately, within the last two years many of these promoters have died out, leaving us with Stock Tips as the only promoter that could generate volume and move stocks. Despite the dying OTC market, I've continued to track promoters hoping that a new one would surface and make things a bit more active again. While there is still a long way to go until I'd consider this promoter "Effective," I believe I've found a group worth monitoring as they could very well be connected to some former "Awesome Penny Stocks" promoters.

One of the methods I use to find promoters is simple enough - I use various search engines and input keywords such as "Hot Penny Stocks" to see which promoters are spending money on advertising their brand. Below is an image of a Google search. Mote the ads at the top and on the side of the page:

Every time I see a new website advertising, I sign up to it in a throw-away email account. That way, if my stock scanner ever finds an inexplicably active OTC stock, I can simply search my email to see if one of these promoters is sending out emails on it. Even better, I can see which sites are emailing on the same ticker to figure out which sites may be connected.

Around the end of August, I saw the first of a few unfamiliar websites starting to advertise. As usual, I signed up to the sites and simply waited for the emails to start arriving. Today, I received the first pick from many of these sites, GLRKF. Through a combination of searching my email, and running reverse IP domain checks (another good way to find connected websites), I compiled the following list of websites that I believe to be the same promoter behind GLRKF:

So on to the question that I'm sure many of you are asking - why do I think these websites have ties to Awesome Penny Stocks? Well, here are a few factors:

  • Their aggressive advertising of some of these websites reminds me of the way some APS sites used to advertise.
  • GLRKF was promoted back in June by APS-connected website (now offline)
  • is a domain that used to be connected to APS (Although this could be coincidence as ownership could have changed hands.)
  • started emailing about GLRKF on 10/27/2014. They spammed every single one of my email addresses that I had registered to APS sites, meaning they likely obtained their mailing list from an old APS list. 
  • just started promoting GLRKF last week on the German market. For those of you who are not familiar with this site, it is an old APS site that pumped some of their former picks such as TAGG, SWVI, and others to the German markets. So it is very likely that whoever controls is also involved with these new websites.
So does this mean that Awesome Penny Stocks is back??? Not so fast. Even if these websites are connected, that doesn't necessarily mean that we can expect promotions even close to comparable to what Awesome Penny Stocks was capable of in their prime. By the time they retired and took (most of) their remaining sites offline, they were already a shell of their former selves. Here is a great article on Promotion Stock Secrets about the end of Awesome Penny Stocks, and it's extremely unlikely that any of the masterminds behind the original site are still involved due to their various legal troubles. 

The question becomes who took over, and how effective can they be? Just as Stock Tips became stronger with each of their picks (until the PGFY halt), these new websites have the opportunity to build their brand and do the same thing. I, for one, will not be trading GLRKF or any of their future picks until they have proven themselves first. Currently, GLRKF volume is pathetic and barely tradeable anyway, which makes sense since few people would want to buy a stock being pushed by a new and unknown promoter. 

If GLRKF can be a multiday success and trade decent volume, we may see increased interest in the next pick from this group. If they put out several duds in a row, it's unlikely that this promoter amounts to much, at least in the near future. Whether or not we have a new major promoter, only time will tell.