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"Trade the ticker, not the company" - Nate Michaud

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Question: "Will You Give Me Your Full List of Promoters?"

Sorry, but this is no longer something I'm going to provide. I'm barely staying on top of it myself. A lot of the information in my current spreadsheet is outdated (which many of you have noticed). A large part of the reason for this is because, recently, I find myself trading off of stock scanners more than anything.

There are very few effective promoters out there right now, so don't worry, you're not missing much. Stocktips remains my favorite promoter to play. I will continue to scalp their picks when new alerts go out. They're the closest thing right now to a replacement for Awesome Penny Stocks. It is important that I note that their "premium" paid service is scam, do not pay them because you will not get picks early! Should any other promoters surface, I will be sure to keep everyone posted!


  1. #wolfpack are the new promoters that have done terrific pumping up the weed stocks; ERBB;SPLI; MCIG

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the post! Since your trading mostly off your stock screeners, has your process changed much from the method you posted on back in February? I learned a lot from your watchlist you put on twitter. I would love to learn from them more if your still willing to share them on your account. Thanks!

  3. Can u do a blog/ video on your scanner's filters and alerts.

  4. Great Post Tim, im have the same answer as Kris Taylor I would like to know what your scanning for as well. Thanks

  5. Tim-

    TL:DR version of my post- if u were at $1500 (WITHOUT +12k for multiple brokers from family) again right now, and your goal was the same profit in the same time period as you have already accomplished, what would your trading strategy be on all fronts (as well as pdt concerns/broker. You mentioned brokers, and I read it but I'm curious in terms of the context to this question)?


    At the current time, do you believe that your starting strategy (buying OTCS
    reaching new highs) is still viable for a similar sized account to what you started with ($1500 give or take a few hundred). This isnt in reference to the above post in terms of buying due to promotions, in that regard I can see things have changed, but are there other drivers of OTC's upwards that are different, yet noteworthy, than when you started that you can point out to us (aside from your current pay-for scanner that you mentioned on another post)?

    Do you believe shorting is generally viable for a $1500ish account size (broker/borrow issues seem to be a problem)?

    Do you/would you ever trade with a cell phone app if you had to work and could not get to a computer until noon est?

    @ $1500ish to trade, what would you consider too many/few trades per week, or is this solely price action based?

    Leverage? Ever, or never?

    Do you still hold/short over night for morning pops/drops because.... stuff like PHOT.....

  6. Hey Tim, is there anything about your strategy that you will change if the over all market keeps trying to pull back? Or will you just keep doing the same scans and play what you have to play. I have noticed the past week and a half there is not a lot of spiking going on, and only small dip buying opportunity's, which I'm not good at yet. Thanks in advance, we really appropriate the help!

  7. Tim
    Are you using the new software, Stocks To Trade? I believe the software is 1500.00 and to get level 2 quotes is 120 month.

  8. Thanks for your transparency, Tim. I appreciate that you answered my email request (and what I can only imagine were MANY others) by being upront about it. cool...

  9. Thank you for all your honest and straight answers Tim.. I did just want to comment on Stocktips.. I had signed up for them last week (paid $17 or $19), and I DID receive their stock pick early... for week of May 4th. Perhaps they are now resolved to providing the info early to subscribed members.

  10. PS on Stocktips, i went to sign up for the e-book for $37 and never received it, the link only took me to ANOTHER "Offer" for $197.00. Needless to say, I have Disputed this charge and asked for a credit. So, Tim's advice of their being a 'scam' has value..! Though I did receive this Mondays stock pick at 3:34pm Friday, and I noticed it began trading right away, prepping for Monday's open...

  11. You guys have great questions but you guys need to do some research before coming to Tim G. It will make it easier for him to answer your questions given that it might of been answered through your own research already.

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