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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Answering DVD FAQs

Below, I'm going to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions I've been receiving about my upcoming DVD. Please post any additional questions in the comments section, and I'll do my best to add them! If you want a better idea of what my live trade examples will look like, make sure you check out this post for a video of an OTC breakout, or this post with a video of a Nasdaq short.

For those of you who are interested, I'll do my best to keep this post updated with a link to the best discounted price for the DVD. Currently, the best deal is coupon code "NEXT100", which will save you $800!

Wow guys, thanks so much for the early feedback on my DVD. Reviews have been incredible so far, be sure to check them out in this post, or check out the official "Investimonials" page for my DVD!

Is this DVD good for a beginner?
I absolutely believe it is! The most relevant part for beginners in this DVD will undoubtedly be Chapter 2, which focuses on all of the tips I have for new traders. I started trading with absolutely no market knowledge, so I draw most of this material from mistakes that I made when I first started trading and things that I wish I had known from the start.

The main topics included are:

-Market and Trading Basics
-Basic Trader Lingo
-What is Short Selling
-Trading/Computer Setups
-Account Building 101
-Overcoming Your Emotions
-Annoying Rules/Regulations
-Choosing Brokers
-Intro to Market Scanners
-Handy Desktop Applications

If you learned from Tim Sykes, why not just buy his DVDs? What makes yours better/different?
My style of trading has diverted greatly from what Tim teaches in the last couple of years, to the point that we're rarely trading the same stocks anymore. I trade completely based off of chart patterns, and I only trade liquid stocks that are easy to enter/exit. So if you're looking for different patterns and different strategies, you don't have to worry about that. While Tim and I are both successful traders, there's a lot we do differently from each other.

The other aspect is that this DVD has 35 live trade examples, where I recorded my entries and exits and explained to you my thought process throughout the trade. This is so much more useful than looking at end of day charts and, in hindsight, telling someone where they should have entered and exited. Instead, you get to see where I actually DID enter and exit, hear how emotions played a role, see how I handle bad trades, and so many more subtleties that you'd otherwise miss completely. I will teach you the strategy, I will show you my attempts to trade the strategy, and I will explain exactly what I did right and wrong in every single trade.

What makes your DVD better/different than Nate's? (Investorslive)
While my trading strategy is closer to Nate's than Tim's, there still are quite a few differences between our styles. I must admit, Nate's DVD was a big inspiration to me to create this one, as I loved the idea of showing live examples as I traded them.

One big difference is that I go much more in depth when it comes to OTC trading, and although the OTC market is in the midst of a dead patch, the opportunities that do still come around like new promotion releases are some of my most reliable and most profitable trades that I make. You will also get both introductory/beginner information and specific trading strategies all in one DVD with me, while Nate has that split into two products. So you can definitely save a buck by getting it all in one place with mine.

How long is your DVD?
My DVD is roughly 16.5 hours long. At least 10 hours of this content is live trade examples of my top strategies.

Will the DVD be a hard copy, or streaming only?
There is currently only an option to stream the DVD on your computer. If this ever changes, I'll be sure to announce it.

Does your DVD teach level 2?
Yes, I teach level 2 basics and show new examples that I recorded to illustrate points. You can also find free level 2 educational material on this blog.

How many different strategies do you teach?
There are eight different strategies I cover in this DVD. Three of them are buying strategies, five of them are short selling.

How many of your 35 live trades are listed stocks vs. OTCs?
13 of the trades are examples of different OTC strategies; the other 22 are listed stocks (Nasdaqs.)

Do you show losing trades?
Absolutely! Some of our best lessons as traders are from our losses. 7 out of my 35 examples are losing trades. Several of them show me cutting a loss as planned, when the setup doesn't work. But in the others, you actually get to see me get stubborn, fight the stock, and turn a bad trade into a bigtime headache.

Let me know if there are any more questions you need answered!


  1. Hi Tim!
    No questions just yet, but just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering this DVD. I have been your avid follower since 2 years now and the free content you have on your blog is already so amazing. I can only imagine how great a DVD this would be for learning the subtleties of your trading style. I hope to see you one day as I work to get my equity curve in line from r/g...!
    Cannot wait for aug 1...please release it earlier ;-)

  2. What makes your DVD different then nate michaud?
    You trade the same setup?

    1. Good question, I'll get this added to the post later today!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks Tim! Lately I bought Nates DVD

      I based my question on your blogpost

  3. Hi Tim!
    Will this Dvd enable me to learn how to turn 5K into 100K, because I already know all the basics. Is it usable for advanced traders?

    1. I definitely can't make any p/l promises, success is largely up to the individual and the decisions the make while trading. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to trading, but I hope that this DVD can help cut that curve down drastically.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! Do you cover any recommendation on what beginners should look into after studying your DVD? Tim's alerts? Positioning size? Etc.

    1. I do have a segment on some of the trading services I think are most useful!

  5. Tim
    Was wondering if you went into setting up stock scanners so these setups can be found by the scanner and we can pick which one we choose to play depending on what we're looking for and our style of trading. Basically what stock scanners do you recommend and do you show how to set them up.

    1. I do cover this! I talk about what paid scanners I use, free options, and then the parameters that I use daily both after hours and intraday

  6. Hi Tim, do you have any tips for a somebody based in the UK wanting to trade USA stocks.. I want to follow your strategies..but don't know where to start with regard to best brokers etc!



    1. I think that Suretrader takes foreign clients, but I can't say with 100% certainty. Unfortunately this is an area I'm a bit more unfamiliar with, but I definitely recommend doing some googling and seeing what comes up that might help you!

  7. Tim.
    For those that purchased your DVD at the early bird pricing, are you providing a replay of your live webinar? Thanks.

    1. We are! I sent the recording to profitly, it should be posted any day now

    2. Thanks Tim. I was about to ask the same, given the weekend is coming, it would be a great use of free time now that I am done with DVD 1 and 3.

  8. Hi Tim,
    By any chance would you know when will guys post the recording of your live webinar. Thanks.

    1. still unsure, i'll start bugging them about it

  9. Just an acknowledgement - the webinar is now posted on DVD, great way to spend the weekend! Thanks :)

  10. tim, i cant play your dvd in my new laptop, if there is anything that do i need to download, please let me know as sooner's possible, thank you..

    1. very strange - sorry to hear about this issue. definitely reach out to profitly support as they probably know what plugin you're missing that's preventing this from playing

  11. Hi Tim, I'm greatly inspired by your success and how you kept your trading records and review out in YouTube. I'm living in a opposite timezone hence day trading intraday is not suitable for me.
    Does your dvd show how I can trade off just daily chart of stocks ?

    1. It sounds like you're looking to be more of a swing trader than a daytrader, I don't know many swing traders but the one I can recommend is "Offshorehunters", her site is