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Monday, August 3, 2015

Traders4ACause Ticket and DVD Giveaway

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry, so many of you have such great stories, this was a very difficult decision to make. Congrats to the winner, Matt P. (profitly user "Primez")! Matt truly stood out when it comes to giving back, he is a frequent chatroom contributor, going out of his way to help newer traders and answer their questions. But even more importantly, Matt spent time in the Marines, putting his trading aspirations on hold until he was able to return home. He's hungry to learn, not follow, and I know he's going to make the most of this opportunity. Thank you for your service Matt, I hope the conference is a great experience!

Last year, I was fortunate enough to attend the first annual stock conference and charity event, Traders4ACause. The event was absolutely loaded with talented traders and great speakers, but more importantly, it was about giving back. This year's event is September 25-27 in Las Vegas, and I highly recommend it to anybody who is available during that time frame.

Unfortunately, this year I am unable to attend Traders4ACause due to my upcoming wedding - which I'd say is a pretty damn good excuse. However, legitimate reason or not, I knew I still wanted to be a part of this great event in some way. After I discussed with Nate how I could best contribute, I decided to become one of the sponsors for the event. However, this leaves me with two tickets that I am unable to use! So, I have decided to give these two tickets away, along with a free copy of my new DVD to each person.

The first person I chose to give a ticket and DVD to was an obvious choice, Christian Nowakowsi, also known as "Stock Choices" (he doesn't know yet until he reads this blog). I had the pleasure of meeting Christian a few months back over dinner with a few great traders. He's a young guy who started out a lot like myself, trading mostly OTCs, but he has since made the transition to listed stocks. I admire his adaptability and dedication to making himself a better trader. Christian also shares a great blog dedicated towards trying to help other traders improve. He is an active member of the trading community, and I know he will capitalize on all of the opportunities the conference and DVD have to offer.

That leaves one ticket and DVD to distribute, and at the moment I have no idea who deserves it. So leave your comments below! Tell me about how you're dedicated to the market, tell me about how you give back, tell me about how this DVD and conference will help you! I know I'm going to get a lot of great feedback, and I will select one winner by the end of August 5th! There is only one condition - you MUST be able to attend the conference in Vegas from September 25-27. If you're going to potentially win a ticket, I want to be sure that you can actually use it! Even if you don't win, I highly recommend you attend anyway!

I look forward to all of your feedback. Good luck everyone!


  1. hello Tim, thank you for the opportunity that you are giving the new students, I started trading 3 years ago, tried several services that promise nothing but taking your money therefore I below 4 accounts, so I wanted to study and still studying and paper trading every day since I started w/ no vacation no summer no excuses until I make it and become profitable .I'm a full time engineering student and still managing waking up in morning at 6 for the opening bell, going to school at 8 then come back and check the markets. I’m graduating this summer and I have no intention to work for anybody so trading is my only way to get my financial freedom. I’ve been watching great traders virtually for a long time YouTube/twitter, and learn as much as I can from them. I think it's the time to meet them in person and be a part of the great cause they are gathering for. Also help me in my education and knowledge with the latest DVD or yours to get to my goal

  2. Hi Tim. I have 2 full time jobs. I trade in the mornings (for about a year now) and go to my cubical work after. I wanted to go to this year's T4AC event but due to same reason as yours, wedding the week after it, couldn't attend. However, mine was purely based on the cost of it. i enjoyed your short clip much. I contribute by posting my charts on twitter and support people who I know and don't know via reading their trade ideas and give feedback. I'd appreciate it if I could go this year and further my knowledge and be able to give back more in near future. @tradingarsenal2

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  5. Hi Tim , I've been trading for 1 year , and have been struggling a lot on finding my niche and having consistency , I feel like I'm all over the place when it comes to what strategy to stick with , your DVD would be really helpful to me , because I need to learn how to deal with emotions , how to stay focus on just a couple of strategies and most important how to be profitable. I'm currently working part time and full time student,and dedicate all my mornings to study the market and try to trade successfully . Going to the conference would be a great plus because listening to successful traders stories is a good way to learn . I also live in Las Vegas so attending wouldn't be a problem.
    Congrats on your DVD and hope to meet you soon
    -Omar @be__successful

  6. Tim! I Started studying the markets in May of this year by devouring all of Tim Sykes' YouTube library before moving onto PennyStocking Part Deux and becoming a Silver Subscriber. Since becoming a Silver Subscriber in late May I have watched over 1500+ video lessons and taken roughly 700 pages of notes (I will send a picture of my notes to under the title TradingTheTicker NOTES). My current form of contribution is leaving notes/comments on video lessons for fellow subscribers (Tim S. says he can track his subscribers on, my screen name is 25m). I started with $1300 Canadian ($987 American) and made a few beginners mistakes so I went back to the video lessons. I cannot attend the Vegas Conference but I do believe your DVD could provide valuable distinctions, especially for live trading, for which I have little experience as I am not a challenge student. Congrats on your upcoming wedding and thanks for your continued support to dedicated students of the market!


  7. Dear Tim,

    My name is Patrick Lopez and I am currently a full time student at my local university here in Pennsylvania. I have been in school for about 4 years and have yet to graduate because of my recent switch in majors. My story began as nursing major in Jersey City, NJ. Jersey City if you may know is right next NYC, which turned out to be a bad choice for me. Having no disciple as a freshman and being so close to the city, socializing and having fun were my main concerns, and not school. Because of this, I lost my scholarship and had to return home in order to reapply to all of my local nursing schools. After about a year and half of applying and taking the pre-requisites for all of the programs I thankfully got into one of the near by community college's nursing program. I began the program in spring of 2013. During the course of the program I faced a lot of struggle in my studies. The more I went through it, the more I disliked it, and the more I wanted to pursue my passion of business. I brought my concerns to my parents and all they told me was "just finish". As much as a tried to heed their advice and finish what I started, I couldn't. I was unhappy. I kept thinking about the fact that after all of this I would have to work 12 hour shifts just to make 50,000 a year with barely any opportunity to grow. I knew the type of house I would reside in, the type of car I would own, and the type of life I would live overall. It wasn't enough for me. I knew I had to walk away and I thankfully did.

    A couple months in the business program I became more and more interested in business itself and really wanted to know what this new venture was all about. I started to look up things such as investment and entrepreneurship. In my searches I came across this guy on Youtube named Brendon Burchard. The video I watched of him was titled 'How incredibly successful people think" and it changed my life forever. In the video, he talked about how success is all about your mindset and ultimately up to YOU AND ME! The quote from that video that I will never forget is that, "there are only two things that can change your life; either something new comes into your life or something new comes from within". As simple as this concept was, it never really occurred to me that I myself have to change, to reach my dreams. I learned by waiting for luck or a “knight in shining armor” to fall into my life would result in nothing but failure. I HAD TO CHANGE. And with that my journey began.Ever since that day I never stopped watching his videos. His words inspired and motivated me to a new level in life and helped me find my WHY. The WHY I found, is for my family. I want to give them the best they deserve and have them experience life with out worry. It breaks my heart to know my parents are getting older and
    that money is what stops them from doing what they want; like traveling. To sum it all up I do not want money to ever be an issue. I want to retire my parents and have them experience the world with the little time left they have on this earth. They are my motivation.

  8. My life has turned more beautiful than I could have ever thought possible. I am more motivated than ever and all of my friends and family can see it. Every morning I wake up excited for the day because I know I have a new opportunity to contribute, to love, and follow my dreams. Every day is a new day to learn and I know I take full advantage of it by reading, watching videos, or listening to audios.

    Through all of these self-studies I have learned that there are many vehicles of becoming successful and trading is one of them. It seemed like it was just yesterday when I was on Youtube and found videos of yourself and Timothy Sykes trading stocks. Since then I have been hooked.

    As of today I have been rigorously studying stocks for about 8 months now. I spend about 10 hours a day on average studying, especially during this summer time. I have watched every single one of Timothy Sykes DVD’s, Nates, and as well other gurus and hope to add yours to the arsenal. I have about to 5 full notebooks of notes dedicated to trading alone and am working on my 6th as we speak. Currently I am apart of Timothy Sykes room as a silver subscriber and will upgrade to the Investors Underground community once I have myself established.

    If you were to pick me as the prizewinner to receive the ticket and the DVD, it will not only be a great honor to learn from the best but ultimately a great experience. I want and will be successful and with the opportunity to attend Traders4acause and study your new DVD I know I will get there sooner than later. Another one of my ultimate goals is to give back just as you have to all of us. Some where out there, there are kids who need a chance and know that people like yourself and everyone else of the Investors Underground community cant reach all of them. I hope to be added to the team one day to share my story, to inspire, to teach, and contribute just as you and the rest have. I know my WHY and that is what pushes me everyday.

    Thank you for your time. You truly are a great person and a great mentor to me. I hope to meet and see you soon Tim.

    Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you two an abundance of love and happiness.


    Patrick Lopez

  9. Well, All I can say is I couldn't be any more dedicated than I am, I always wanted to be a trader.

    I'm 20 (and already feel so behind), going on 21 on the 25th of September this year. I started studying the stock market the summer prior to my 1st year in college and after a year of it I decided the course I was doing is not what I wanted and I've too much love for the market.

    I was never good at writing essays and what not so putting my dedication into words wouldn't be my strong point. But I can't stress enough how much I love this. I haven't gained profitability nor consistency yet but I will not quit, I have been working on a personal strategy recently that is working pretty nicely just to put it live. But there are a few little things I want to fine tune first before I do (I know I must be bugging you a little on twitter with repetitive questions but I want to understand them fully).

    I've actually went through all your trades in the past year on Think or swim and I've tracked them in a spreadsheet so I test my strategy against them. You may be looking for someone to list what they have gone through and I could list hundreds of items here but my number one source I must say is my own brain. I love observing and testing my own thoughts/theories because even though it may be slightly reinventing the wheel there's a sort of pride that I was able to come up with this. I've created several strategies that work but unfortunately just don't come around that often.

    I'd love to go to the conference but I probably wouldn't be able to afford the trip since a return ticket to Vegas would cost €600+ and I was only able to get 1 job this summer to raise enough money to pay for membership to Investors Underground and have a little insurance just in case I blow up my current trading account. Obviously blowing up isn't the goal but I don't want to halt my progress.

    Going to Traders 4 a Cause would be the best birthday I ever had, but since I wouldn't be able to afford the flights from Ireland, I hope whoever you give that ticket to has put as many long hours, late nights and endless months in as I. I'd like to thank you for all the help you continue to give freely on twitter and I hope that your wedding is as great as the day you and your fiancee first met.

    Once again, apologies for the question harassment on twitter ;) , but I can't afford you DVD yet with all these other expenses I have. Mind yourself and whenever you're in Ireland, let me buy you and your fiancee pint. G'luck for now bud :)

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    2. Made a typo, so I deleted the message, same thing though -

      Reading over this again, I make it sound like I haven't gone live, I have and had my first profitable month in May testing what I had of my strategy even though it was <$50 over 10 trades (inc. fees), I won 7 out of 10 of them so I'm really happy with that. Just thought I'd throw that in there. I don't want to sound like a complete nube because this is my passion and I don't want it to sound like I'm just another guy who started looking into the market thinking it takes only confidence to make a million, has a sexy story but doesn't work their ass off overall to be successful. I'm just normal guy who gave up about 90% of my social life to do this, and I actually don't care, I still go out on Saturday nights with my friends. I could be over at a friends house on a Sunday night and I'll be home before 12am (which is 7PM EST so plenty early really, time zone is unreal here) so that I can be home and up in the morning to work, no one's making me, just me. I love being able to do what I love everyday when my friends are constantly like "Ugh, I have to work today/tonight", If you asked any of them what my favorite thing in the world is they'd easily say stocks (Lol, they don't really know much about it, but they're sound enough to listen to my crap, haha, good friends). I just thought I'd stick this in because again, I don't want to sound like a complete nube. I've read quite a few books, quite a few blogs, did a year Pennystocking Silver, but as I've said before, my favorite thing is my own brain. I see something and I learn about it in full, making it my own. I'm now saving up for an Investors Underground membership so I can pick their brains for how they see things and hopefully that will further my understanding of the market. Please don't give the ticket to anyone who can afford to go or will not appreciate it in full.. If I had the money, I wouldn't be tying to win something that is available to purchase online. Wish you there too so I could shake your hand.

      You're a man and a half Tim. :)
      Bye again,

  10. Hey Tim,

    My name is Robert Royal. I am a USMC veteran that got serious about daytrading in March of 2015. I wake up every morning around 3am-5am pst ( I live in California ) to look for stocks to trade an compile a watchlist. I do this because I started a daily watchlist for my followers on cyberdust which has grown to 529 followers. This moring watchlist has transformed into me doing video lessons for my followers and has greatly improved my trading by evaluating my trades and communicating with other traders. It is such a great feeling to receive a message from someone I have helped and In many ways my followers have helped me with my trading strategy and holding me accountable. My youtube channel is here: Ill be doin a trade recap on $LXRX later today.

    As my followers grow, I to will continue to grow and learn new strategies as a trader. I would enjoy the chance to go to the conference and meet other traders to get different perspectives and bring that information home to share with my followers. I've already shared your 2 free video clips with my followers and see the tremendous value it could add to my trading, just a little tight on cash right now. Thank you for the opportunity and all that you do for us small fish.

    Have a great wedding bud!

    Robert Royal

    Twitter: USMCCharlieSheen

  11. correction to twitter handle

    Twitter: USMCCharlieShee

  12. Hey Tim,
    I will keep this short

    You may or may not remember me we have chatted a few times on twitter before. I have been trading for 3.5 years. I started with about 2k and turned it into over 100k+. It has been a slow grind for me. I would love to attend Traders 4 a cause. I feel like i need something like this to push my trading to the next level. I do believe i can be a millionaire trader and i think going to this event would benefit me tremendously. i also wanna meet all the twtr traders out there that attend

    Im pretty sure i have helped lots of my twitter followers make money over the past few years with all my tweets and commentary. trade ideas etc... past year i have been fairly quiet trying to work on my game. do occasionally post ideas though still.
    I would love to watch your dvd and probably would watch it many times. :) and i will attend the vegas event will book ticket second u accept me to win prize
    P.S pick me im awesome :p
    twitter: petertrades

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  15. Just give it to me bro. One love. lol

  16. Hello Tim. I'm proud of your achievements and intend to replicate them. I have learned so much and its going slowly for me. I knew it would because it is such a change for me to think this way. I have been giving back long before I started doing this. Not only have I supported children in far off countries, womens shelters locally, soup kitchens, missions outreaches, etc. But I have been sending thousands to my wife's very poor family in the Philippines for years.

    I have gone through Nate's and Michelle's DVDs a few times and continue to do that and follow the chats and twitter. This is such a change for me in what I've done in my life but I know I will do well. I've finally found something that is my own.

    I started this by reading some stuff by TIm Sykes and then moved around reading and watching all I could. I also learned a lot from your blogs and other things.

    I plan to go to Traders eventually. Maybe in 2016. Not this year. I don't really verify anything. I also go by "The Doctor" this is to remind me to have patience.

    So how am I doing since Dec 2014? About break even. All long. Mostly swing.

  17. Thanks Tim for choosing to make this opportunity to attend the traders4acause a a possibility. Yes, congrats on the wedding.. I can say that having read everybody's responses thus far, I could not see why most here would simply be worth the pick. 

    In terms of how how I'm dedicated to the market?

    I can say it now my 12th month since getting involved, my dedication to market is not best described as technical , or knowledge, but in the practice of emotional discipline. To answer directly: my dedication is all about the consistent exercise of emotional discipline and developing resilience. I would like to give an answer that goes into technical detail, or OTC, or listed stocks specifically, but that is not what characterizes my dedication.

    In terms of how I would use the DVD ?

    I would use the DVD to not just absorb the technical aspects, as important as that is, but really mine out the underlying emotional management issues that are at the heart of the ability to hold trades, scale in/out, and remain rational and composed in loss or wins. I would look to develop the consistently winning attitude that's going to be more likely that which keeps me coming back in a focused manner.. Not just a short term consciousness...but a realistic longer term consciousness on what it means to build the mental muscle to have strength to support the emotional learning aspect...

    In terms of what attending will do ?

    Attending would be a privilege. I would be pretty much a small fish in a big pond, w/ opportunity to just be in live group consciousness, with the great traders (phil, derrick, gregg, nate, modern rock, etc) and let it sink in. I really don't find I would be able to give a large gift sum of money to support the cause that Nate has for allocating the contributions this year, but I would look fwd to hear and possibly lend feedback to what might be other areas that prove to be of a larger positive impact to give toward which t4c can effect..

    In terms of how I give back?

    I spend significant time (4-6 hrs/week) in helping psychiatrically harmed individuals reach and find personal empowerment for overcoming depression, anxiety, and reaching fitness goals, and family relationship goals..I help others w/ the development of tolerance and assertive skills, employing rational cognitive techniques.

    I also give to public television..

    Thanks Tim.. I would be grateful and fortunate for this opportunity.. All the best

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  19. It was 5:30 A.M. in the morning on a hot summer day in northern California. My alarm is going off and my immediate reaction is to hit the snooze button. However, a burst of excitement jolts me out of bed when I realize the market bell strikes within one hour. I walk over to power on my computer and every minute that passes by while it’s booting feels like valuable time being lost.

    My first class starts in three hours and I decide to put my whole account on PLUG. PLUG had been breaking out for the past three days hitting new highs. When the market opened, PLUG opened very strong hitting new highs again and again. My eyes are so focused on Level 2, I even forget to blink every now and then. 8:30 hits and it’s time for me to leave to school. PLUG was still holding strong so I figured it’d be safe to hold my position while I’m off. I was wrong.

    When I arrived at school, I checked the price of PLUG on my phone. After being constantly up for three days, PLUG began to become unstable and began to crack. It’d be best if I exited my positions now and cut my losses. I opened up the TradeKing app on my phone and tried to sell off my shares. It didn’t let me because my account converted from a margin account to a cash account as soon as my account value went below $2000. According to the T+3 trading rule, I had to wait three days for my securities to settle! I was in panic mode. I kept checking my phone every minute during class and slowly watched as the value of my account diminished over those three days that I had to hold that stock. That was the last trade I ever made.

    It’s been almost a year now since I’ve blown up my entire account. My lesson learned was that I knew less than I thought. Over the months since my last trade, I’ve went to my local library to check out books on trading and investing in the market. I’ve watched every single one of your videos that you’ve posted on your blog. I’ve looked up live trading videos on YouTube by different traders such as Meir Barak. Trading is beginning to make more sense to me now. I’ve started paper trading two weeks ago and so far I’m up 50% already on $2000 in paper money. You’ve been the biggest influence in my trading journey. I’ve studied every single one of your blog posts on your trade recaps and it’s inspired me to begin trading again.

    This is why I’m submitting this post. I remember you mentioning going through the same obstacles I’ve been going through. You blew up your account and became extremely discouraged on trading again. However, you didn’t give up and started paper trading as well so that you can learn more about market. You had to work and live with your parents so you could save up money to begin trading again. That kind of dedication you had motivates me not to give up. Becoming a successful trader will make me want to guide others how to become successful as well whether it’s trading, working, or life in general. I want to give to those who have gone out of their way to help me in life including my MMA gym where I train at every day.

    I appreciate this opportunity that you’re giving in order for me to tell you my story and for you to guide others to become more successful.


  20. I have heard and several others advised that consistency in trading could be insuperable and arduous to many fledglings. I come from the country where English is a second language propelled to the United States based on the idea of freedom and life uplifting. I achieved some goals and it was a safe pace. I refused to stay on course of safe career choices. Instead, I took a road less-traveled, maybe for a good reason, because it's filled with potholes worse than any I will find in countryside of the country I'm from, and that's saying something. I’ve studied from copious resources throughout techniques from others gurus to define who I really am as a trader. My eyes are on the market every trading day, even the day I lost and had insufficient funds, to figure out ways to overcome and ameliorate. I took notes and wrote down rules more than I could remember. I’ve tried and stayed courage, but overwhelmed with information. Along this unfinished road, I have you as an example. I would love to learn from you and have your DVD as a tool to cultivate my trading skill and help others once I emerge from inundation.

  21. I'd like you to consider awarding the T4C tickets and your DVD to me, as I've been trading now since Nov 2014. I joined Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge dropping a big chunk of cash, reviewing and studying every DVD including his newest How to Make Millions. The first few months I continued to pay tuition to the markets while learning valuable lessons. I started with a 5k account, taking it to almost 7500k the first couple of months. Then it cracked to nearly 2k loosing long trade after trade. All while not touching one short trade since I was trading with a cash account. I then moved that last 2k into a margin account, joined IU chat and studied Nate’s Tandem Trader DVD and started shorting. With Nate's DVD and chat room, I started nailing short trades. Short after short. Using one single strategy, Parabolic Shorts, from chapter 4 of Tandem Trader, with discipline to keep my fingers off anything else that even looked appealing. If it didn't meet the strategy I was concentrating on, I didn't touch it. I did watch it, and continue to study other trades, and enter trades into my custom worksheet, but only traded real money using one technique telling myself I would not trade another technique until I was consistent with the current one. With the money spent on Sykes Challenge student and Nate's DVD and chat, I told myself I need to study these winning techniques before spending any more on education. These two resources alone should, and will take me to a full time trader. I continue to post all my trades on, “woj37” keeping a journal of every entry and exit. Just this week I broke the 7k on profits and continue to have solid short trades using that same short strategy. I’ve made a consistent 24 solid trades out of my last 25. And then….., your DVD was announced along with Traders for a Cause. At first, I was going to dive right in and grab your DVD and sign up for the cause, but those disciplined voices stopped me, just like a bad entry, reinforcing the excellent resources I’ve already paid heavily for. Each day I continue to battle those voices just like entering a stock, wanting to go. I feel like meeting and learning in person from the IU group would just put the icing on the cake for my trading career, which I’ve devoted many hours. Please consider awarding those tickets and DVD to a student that is progressing and moving forward looking for the next ramp to push my account past the dreaded 25k PDT mark. Every minute of the day I think of trading, as I drive down the highway, I note my entry and exits when passing other vehicles. I even find myself using techniques to move my MPG up a tick from 22.5 to 22.6. It’s funny how the market can resemble so many everyday actions. If you do choose me, I would continue to attend and contribute to a great cause year after year with the new found knowledge that will make my trading career consistent having the extra funds to donate to such a great cause. Thanks, woj

  22. Tim,
    Just wanted to say I'm grateful for traders like you that give back. I can't wait until I'm in your position to do so. I love the markets! Such a great way to build wealth. I'm currently apart of charity called Cause for Hope and the opportunity to go into third world countries and help them become self sustainable is a phenomenal experience. My new goal is to help more in that cause. I feel trading will give me that opportunity. As for your giveaway I've already bought your dvd which I love. So I was thinking if I won your giveaway I would love to give back and give that dvd to another worthy trader. I would enjoy the opportunity to go to Vegas and learn/network with such great traders and learn about traders for a cause. Tim thanks again for all you do. Good luck in the future and congrats on the wedding!!
    Bryant S

  23. Hey Tim,

    This is Trader7595 from Tim's chat back in the day. Glad to see things worked out for you. If you ever want to chat drop me a message trendfollowers (g)mail

  24. Hey Tim,

    This is Trader7595 from Tim's chat back in the day. Glad to see things worked out for you. If you ever want to chat drop me a message trendfollowers (g)mail

  25. Hi Tim, I would love to be the winner of the Trader4ACause event ticket and the winner of your new DVD. First off let me tell you about my background. I have been trading for about 6 months with paper and real money and have loss about $1500 in total. I'm a 20 year old college student who is majoring in finance at the University of South Florida. I literally go to school and only listen to my professors only if it's anything helpful/useful for topics that involve stocks in some way, shape, or form; other than that, I have my laptop with me in class watching Timothy Sykes "How To Make Millions" and his Pennystocking Silver video lessons. I feel like time is money and I shouldn't waste anytime in life if I want to become very successful. So, adding your DVD in the mix of my learning at school is an absolute must. If I'm not at school I'm working a part-time job at the YMCA for minimum wage($8.05/hr), however, while I'm at work I sit in the office watching video lessons from Timothy Sykes as well. I don't know how many times I have been told not to bring my computer and look at stocks at work and am threaten to get less hours scheduled to me if I don't stop, but I will not let that stop me from studying whenever I can. Literally my whole paycheck goes into paying for Timothy Sykes Pennystocking Silver subscription and the "How To Make Millions" DVDs so I can keep learning. Also the other money I get from working is going toward funding my account so it can have the minimum $2,000 deposit for a margin account (which I finally reached $2,000 to start trading on margin about a week ago). The rest of the money I keep getting from working my part time job will be invested to further educate myself in the stock market, so I can buy more DVDs. My mentality is not like any other kid my age. I will literally not buy any new clothes or shoes just so I have more money going toward stocks and my education. I feel like when I get rich off stocks then I can start favoring myself to nicer things in life, but right now my life needs to be just filled with hard work and dedication. Staying up to like 2 am everyday is a ritual now because sleep can be put on the back-burner for leaning and analyzing stocks. I would love to be the winner of the prizes your giving away which will help my journey tremendously, but even if I am not selected for your prizes I will still be thankful for all your's and Timothy Sykes' blog post, video lessons and DVDS. By the way I will still save up my money for your new DVD even if I'm not selected, but it might take a while. However, I try to spend every moment at my house, school, and work learning everything I can about trading stocks by analyzing different patterns/charts and feel like I'm the most dedicated person I know. Thanks for this opportunity.

  26. Hi all, my name is Denis, lived in Republic of Moldova earlier, 2 years how I migrated in USA. I know English at primary level. When I was a student and learned as a programmer, I began to study expensive stock trading in 2008. Nobody doesn’t know about stock exchange, even about FOREX in that time.

    Accidentally I discover one propoffice, really it was a fake company, which takes money and disappears. I went at office about two months and began to collect money. I collected 1000$(in my country average salary 200$).Until I collected money company disappeared ))) I was lucky and don’t lose money )))

    I continued to study stock market. I studied only russian traders. From beginning I think that they learn something good-patterns with fixed stop from levels))) I like it.
    After few years solo studying, in my city opened propcompany. She was working about 2 weeks, I went there to get a job, said that I study stock exchange much time. They said they take only traders without experience))) and said me I must came after 3 months when will be new group )))

    But I don’t disappointed. I began to go in office every day, sitting on chair near the trader and watching. Like this I walked to office and all tired of me. I gave working place and 20 000$ in control )))
    I traded about 7 months in this office, through which gone more than 500 peoples. Later I have to go to USA to my girlfriend, after 3 months office had closed and I decided to remain in USA.
    After half a year staying in USA, I opened an account, I very wanted to trade, but I understand that with strategy of this prop could not win money, because in this office nobody won money.
    Accidentally discover pump and dump, parabolic and about Nathan. Step by step come understanding. Lose 70% of deposit and return back after a year. Later I decided to learn how to trade with volumes. Lose deposit once again and return back after half a year.

    I trade 90% of stocks in short, max position 1-3 thousands of shares. Basically all trades in plus. Sometimes emotions takes up and I lose much money. Last 2 losses – FRO – lose 25% of deposit and in PBMD – about 15% of deposit.
    I don’t win money stably still. The maximum that turns it’s zero at gross, return back stock and platform rates.

    Very sad in all that, I had met many good peoples, but they all lose money and disappointed in trading and doesn’t want to hear about stocks. From all office remained only 3 peoples.
    I am very grateful that I discovered for me Nathan and his DVD. Due to him I get to know about very strong traders, including you TIM. I would very much to meet with all of you in Las-Vegas and in real life to see real successful traders. Before that I saw them only in internet)))


  27. Hi Tim,

    I am pretty stoked about this giveaway, as I would benefit tremendously from both. I am a full time student (finance, like yourself) and work full time selling real estate to pay for school and fund (barely) my trading account. I have been trading for a year and a half now in the IU community and have worked myself to the bone trying to become the best trader I possibly can and have improved soooo much over the past year, it truly is amazing. However, I have yet to turn any profit from my trading due to battling a small account. I have leveraged myself 100% credit wise over the last year and have put every last penny into my trading account but have still been battling with less than a $1k account. I made the sacrifice last year to close out my trading account in order to attend Traders4ACause - a call that many guys would consider crazy but I knew it's importance to my trading career and I know that what I learned at that conference will earn me millions of dollars in the stock market over the course of my career. I have finally gotten my account up to a respectable level, where I can start to book some considerable gains but I am still faced with the same dilemma as last year – having to take money out of my trading account in order to pay for Traders4ACause. I have already registered, purchased my flight and hotel room with cash but have not yet paid for the conference. However, if I happen to win the giveaway, I will still donate what I can to Traders4ACause ($350), as I am not looking for a free lunch but rather a helping hand to keep me on my feet and push me on to the next level of trading.

    Also, I thoroughly enjoyed both of the free clips from your DVD along with all of your other blog posts. I specifically have you to thank for my ability to read Level 2 to the degree that I can but I also know that I still have much to learn from you and a copy of your DVD would be just that. I am already a consistent trader (green about 4/5 days per week) with very strict rules and excellent discipline but as I mentioned earlier, I have been absolutely battling fees on a small account and therefore have seen $0 from my trading efforts, which is very frustrating because I am a much better trader than that. Anyway, sorry for the novel but I hope you can relate and I really hope I am selected, as this would be just the break I need. Thanks again for all you have taught me and congratulations on your much-deserved trading success and on your future wedding!



    a.k.a @InvictusProp

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  30. Wow this is a great give away Tim! Anybody that gets it should be very grateful I have a $500 dollar etrade account but I have put much more into my education. I examine every tool i have under my arsenal to the fullest. That's why i believe that i deserve this.. because of pure desire!